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Welcome To Canada Capstone College

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The mission of Canada Capstone College is providing the best instruction in the most current courses for your educational and career needs. Our staff consists of highly qualified professors and instructors who bring with them years of teaching and work experience.

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  • Become Web Publisher in 1 week!
  • Start your Feng Shui business now !
  • Become a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner !
  • ESL
  • Dreamweaver& SEO in 2 days
  • Learn Chinese with CCC
  • Learn Japanese today !
  • All about finding a job !
  • Learn Computer programing
  • Be a boss and earn Cash !
  • Improve your TOEFL score!
  • IELTS Preparation Online
  • English for Child
  • Flash101
  • HTML&FTP 101
  • Photoshop 101
  • The 5 SECRETS the taxman does not want you to know
  • How to Teach English
  • Teach English abroad !
  • How to Teach Chinese abroad !
  • Prepare for your trip to Quebec or France--Fench 101
  • Mandaring for Traveller in 1 day
  • Mandaring for Traveller in 3 days
  • Mandaring for a bussiness trip
  • Basic Spanish for your life and travels
  • Ciao Italia ! Italian for Travellers in 1day
  • Culinary arts
  • How to prevent Internet fraud !
  • eBusiness Start-up kit (1) about website , SEO and Internet Marketing
  • eBusiness Start-up kit (2) Social Media - including Canada privacy act, how to start first steps to cocial media success. Introduction of tools : Blogs, Facebook Twitter
  • eBusiness Start-up kit (3)How to pick the right Content Management System(CMS) for SOHO ? We will introduce you to a free system
  • eBusiness Start-up kit (4)Getting Started with Facebook ! Learn how Facebook can help you network and build business.
  • How to write for your website? We will help you condense your content and layout your website , so your important information can be viewed first .
  • Getting your story told . How to use Youtube as a highly effective business tool ? Learn use Youtube to show off your expertise, share knowledge, market your products and connect with customers, colleagues and prospects.
  • Empowering seniors (1) : We help older adults and really anyone who wants more confidence with technology. Communicate with friends and loved ones using e-mail, instant messaging, videoconferencing, or Facebook
  • Empowering seniors (2) : We help older adults Set up a device that connects to your computer, such as a printer, scanner, digital camera, or MP3 player
  • Empowering seniors (3) : We help older adults and really anyone who wants more confidence with technology.Clean up and tune up your system so it is virus-free and performing at its best
  • Empowering seniors (4) : Back up your files so you don't lose important data
  • Empowering seniors (5) Make purchases safely on the Internet
  • Empowering seniors (6) Check financial news online
  • Much, much more! !
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